About Us

Julie Phillips, Esthetician

Julie has been an Esthetician for more than 30 years. She worked for renowned dermatologist Dr. Joe Fiore, as his assistant for 15 years in Fort Myers Florida. Her time working there taught her how to identify skin cancers and how to treat acne as well as run the back office of a busy 5 physician practice. Julie then moved to Pennsylvania and worked for plastic surgeons for 6 years, as the head of the hair transplant team, and the Esthetician in charge of helping the patients with their skin care and helping them with their post care after surgeries. She was also the surgery scheduler for one of the surgeons.

In 1998, Julie moved to Santa Barbara to open her own skin care practice, Skin Essentials. She was the first Esthetician to bring microdermabrasion to Santa Barbara, which was a new and unheard-of treatment back in 1998. Julie’s philosophy from the beginning was to deliver impressive, long lasting results with every facial. At Skin Essentials, there is a vast array of machines to assist with the facials. Microdermabrasion, ultrasound, vibraderm, and Oxygen all help make the facials at Skin Essentials even more special. In addition, having the most technically advanced products is a real passion for Julie. She believes it is a very important adjunct to having healthy beautiful skin.

Julie is also a certified permanent makeup expert. She has spent 20 years helping women look good when they wake up in the morning. She has helped many women who cannot see as well anymore, or have Parkinson’s and can’t apply it, or who have had cancer, and have no brows. Julie volunteered for Look Good Feel Better program for 10 years helping women going through cancer treatment how to care for their skin and hair and how to apply makeup.

In the years that Julie has had her business in Santa Barbara, she has been dedicated to bringing the best possible treatments for men and women in her skin care center. She has been married to her husband Frank for 37 years, and he participates in the business by doing all the bookkeeping. In her spare time, she enjoys travel with her husband.



 Ann E. Dougan, Esthetician, Lymphatic Therapist

Ann E. Dougan is a licensed Esthetician for over 14 years who has practiced at Skin Essentials in Montecito since 2005. She has devoted her career to providing women and men a more complete sense of inner and outer beauty—a confidence and wellbeing that is the result of her combined focus on Lymphatic Rejuvenation and results-driven skin treatments.

Certified in both the Vodder Method of lymphatic drainage as well as on the Lymphstar Pro Fusion by leading expert Allen Mills of Santa Barbara, Ann has seen Lymphatic Rejuvenation go from a decades-old, proven but still publicly little known therapy to one of her most requested services. The impact she’s seen even a single treatment have on a broad range of health issues has transformed her practice, and has given her a tremendous respect for the body and the importance of having a healthy lymphatic system.

Ann is a trained expert in Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent, Vabraderm, Skin Master, Silk Peel and Oxygen machines. From facials to chemical peels, waxing, and a variety of makeup applications, to extensive knowledge of topical products, including Innovative Skincare, Environ Derma Concepts, Hydro Peptide, Image, DNA and Benev, Ann is committed to delivering her clients holistic results through listening, care with integrity and an ever evolving approach to personal enhancement.