Got Cleavage Wrinkle?

Consider a remarkable and more lasting way to rejuvenate the décolleté area

If you looked at your upper chest (décolleté area)lately and saw lines, wrinkles and

crepey skin, you probably thought something like “Oh no, another sign of aging”.

Although aging does enter into the equation, probably the main culprit to blame is years of sunbathing without using sun protective lotions.

The collagen on the fairly thin area of skin on the décolleté  area is most unforgiving when it come to the abuse we have inflicted upon ourselves , all in the name of having that golden tanned look when we wear our plunging neckline.


I have been reading about all sorts of gimmicks to try when addressing the issue of wrinkles on the décolleté area. I have a friend who tried sleeping with a pair of socks between her breasts to keep them separated, but the socks would not stay in place. She also sent for an assortment of devices promising help with her “wrinkle” issue. One item looked like a sports bra type invention worn backwards (how comfortable could it be to wear a bra to bed? And so NOT sexy.


If you are not into gadgets, gimmicks or wearing a bra to bed, here is a treatment that will not only work, but be a more long term solution.

First you receive approximately 60-100 units of Botox placed into the décolleté area. This is so the area looks good while the other treatments are taking place and have a chance to kick in.

Typically you could expect to get 3-4 months from Botox placed in the face, but since this is an area that doesn’t get much movement, it should last up to  6 months; long enough for the entire treatment to take place.


Two weeks after the Botox is placed, you are treated with the Swich Dermal Rejuvenation. After exfoliation of the area, the Swichsolution is painted on the skin. The Swichis a brilliant treatment that switches on your body’s own collagen and elastin production.

One week later the area is treated with Fractional skin resurfacing, which is a laser treatment that causes the body to reproduce brand new skin. You would need approximately 3 treatments of alternating the Swichwith the Fractional resurfacing, which would be anywhere from 6-12 weeks apart.

Now remember the Botox has already smoothed out the wrinkles, so the skin on the décolleté already looks good, and stays that way while the other treatments are taking place.


You can expect to maintain this regenerated skin look for anywhere between 3-5 years before a maintenance treatment is needed. You would also want to be much more conscientious about sun exposure and using products known to stimulate collagen synthesis.


Cost: Approximately $3,000 for a series.

Downtime: Really not a consideration since a buttoned up blouse covers all.



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