Want a quick fix in terms of a beauty makeover? A great starting place is your eyebrows. Why? Because your brows frame your face, and whether you realize it or not, people react every day to what they think your brows are “saying” about you. Some fascinating brow facts:

One of the most compelling reasons for having your brows professionally done has much to do with the “character” of the eyebrow.

Your eyebrow hair grows in dramatically different directions depending on where it is located. Did you know the hairs closest to the nose point upward? Before you furrow your brow in disbelief, you should also know the hair across the top of the brow points outward and downward, and the hair in the lower part of the brow grows outward and upward.

The average person has about 250 hairs per eyebrow, which means you have 500 opportunities to either get it right – or want to put a bag over your head.

Unlike scalp hair, your eyebrow hairs grow as individual strands for about four months before it falls out, while the hair on your head can grow from between three and seven years before its growth phase is complete. This explains why you can have long, luxurious hair on your head (and thankfully, not hanging from your brow area!)

Doubt that your eyebrows are useful? Have you ever imagined a frown without an eyebrow? How would you look surprised, puzzled, amused? It’s pretty amazing just how much that little arch can convey.

And when it’s not expressing itself, the eyebrow is helping to protect your eyes from unwanted moisture like sweat or rain. So it’s not only a frame –it’s a sort of built-in umbrella.

Don’t feel brow beaten!

Nearly every woman has some issue with her brows. They’re too bushy or too sparse. They’re too dark or too light. They’re not symmetrical or they’re not the shape you want. The list goes on and on.

Fortunately, with today’s technology, anyone can have beautiful brows – and brow shaping, waxing, tinting or tattooing is an affordable way not only to enhance your face, but to make you feel better about your overall appearance. Here at Skin Essentials we charge $20 for shaping and $20 for tinting, so when we say affordable, we mean it!

Is a brow tattoo for you?

If your eyebrows are very light, thin or sparse, you may want to consider permanent eyebrows. Permanent eyebrows, also known as eyebrow tattoos, utilizes permanent pigments on the dermis to produce the effect of darker, thicker brows.

Unlike normal makeup, which can be done in most salons, the permanent eyebrow procedure requires you to get a qualified permanent makeup artist to ensure you get excellent results.

There are many benefits associated with eyebrow tattooing.

  • No more struggling every day applying brow makeup!
  • If you have thin, sparse or light colored brows, eyebrow tattooing will make them appear fuller.
  • Permanent eyebrows are one of the best solutions for people who have lost their eyebrows due to aggressive tweezing or waxing, medications (such as chemotherapy), scars or alopecia.

  • Eyebrow tattoos are cost effective since they eliminate the use of makeup such as brow powders, pencils, tints, dyes etc.

  • You can create the desired eyebrow shape, color, density, symmetry and balance.

  • Permanent eyebrows will not smudge, smear, get wiped off or fade easily.

For those of you interested in learning more about this great procedure, please feel free to contact me!

Baby steps to better brows

Many of you may already be getting facials on a regular basis without even thinking about how important maintaining beautiful brows is to your overall appearance. Since it’s very difficult to care for and shape your own brows, this is an area where my expertise as an esthetician is crucial. I can create a look that provides the proper perspective in terms of size, shape and color. I can tell by the size and shape of your face what brow shape will look best on you. I am also able to determine a color that compliments and enhances. One of the things you will love about having your eyebrows done professionally is the ability to discuss what will and won’t work in your particular case.

Once your brows are shaped (and if applicable tinted) they will look lovely for three to four weeks. Tweezing, waxing and tinting are a great first step for anyone who has been contemplating where to begin her beauty regime. The price is right, you get immediate gratification – and best of all – in only a few minutes, your face will look even more beautiful!