When it comes to proactive skin care, every season demands a bit of tweaking to make sure you are providing the best possible regime to keep your skin happy and healthy. As we transition into autumn and the weather begins to change, your skin reacts to these changes too. In the cooler months, the air is often drier both inside and out, so your skin may lose moisture, resulting in increased sensitivity, dryness, and sometimes even irritation.

It’s important to change up your skincare routine for fall to better maintain healthy, happy, hydrated skin year-round. Here are a few easy, skincare tweaks you can make to help fortify against cooler temperatures and drier air.

If your skin is super sensitive, fall is a great time to hydrate and coat your skin with essential oils, serums, and creams. Nourishing your skin with elastin and collagen can help dry skin recover. Patchology provides several products designed to do just this. 

When your face is begging for a hydrating facial treatment to reinvigorate your skin, nothing beats the original FlashMasque Hydrate 5 Minute Sheet Masks. Traditional sheet masks take up to 20 minutes to work. Patchology’s advanced masque material accelerates delivery of essential ingredients Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5 to improve elasticity and smooth your skin in just 5 minutes, giving you a revitalized and dewy look.

Their Serve Chilled™ Rosé Eye Gels are just the thing for weary, undereye dryness. Formulated with antioxidants Resveratrol (from grapes), Strawberry Extract to help protect from environmental stressors (which can lead to early signs of aging), and Hyaluronic Acid for a megadose of hydration, these don’t just work – but feel amazing. Pro tip: keep them chilled in your refrigerator for an extra boost of refreshing undereye moisturizing. Hint: a glass of Rosé goes well with this. 

Another line of products we love here at Skin Essentials come from glo Skin Beauty. Their Bio-Renew EGF Drops are designed to restore, strengthen, and firm skin. This powerhouse serum works in synergy with your skin’s natural system to activate and accelerate epidermal cell regeneration. Strengthening and soothing the skin’s surface, while replenishing hydration, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, for a more supple, clarified, naturally glowing complexion.

They have recently added Anti-Stress CBD Drops to their product line. Designed to soothe and strengthen your skin’s vitality, these are loaded with 1000mg full-spectrum cannabidiol, teamed with nourishing adaptogens. The result? This anti-inflammatory elixir powers-up your skin’s ability to adapt to everyday environmental stressors. This formula has been clinically proven to reduce redness and sensitivity, resulting in a calmer complexion and reinvigorated radiance.

This time of year also calls for making sure your lips get plenty of moisture. Image Skincare’s Ormedic lip enhancement complex delivers an ultra-hydrating, polypeptide formula that improves the visual volume of lip contours, while instantly replenishing and hydrating your lips to make them appear more naturally full.

And last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to continue using sunscreen. Just because UV rays are more intense in the summertime, doesn’t mean they aren’t damaging your skin the rest of the year. Not only does UV radiation increase the risk of skin cancer, it ages and dries the skin. We are loving HydroPeptide’s broad spectrum SPF 30 Solar Defense Mineral spray, for ease of use when doing sports like golf or tennis. Designed for all skin types, this SPF provides broad spectrum protection and radiant, even-looking skin. Solar Defense protects from UVA, UVB and infrared rays while enriching the skin with hyaluronic acid to help lock in moisture. Their blend of calendula, cucumber, and acai extracts also help to guard against free radicals.

Another of our favorites is their SPF 30 Solar Defense Tinted version. This award winning mineral sunscreen contains self-adjusting color spheres to create a flawless matte finish to your skin.

So there you have it. You don’t have to be a fall failure when it comes to radiant, youthful skin. If you are interested in products, or would like a consultation to discuss your skin’s changing needs this time of year, please give us a call.