Lymphatic Treatment

Boost your immune system and thrive with a revitalizing lymphatic treatment at Skin Essentials

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Joint pain, digestion issues, fluid retention, chronic inflammation, sinus conditions, headaches, and proneness to infection… These are just some of the problems that can result from a blockage within your lymphatic system

Your lymphatic system is a vital part of your circulatory system. It distributes white blood cells throughout your body to remove toxins, purify your every cell, support your immune system, and help fight infection.

Now thanks to a clinically proven therapy first pioneered in France and Germany, and advanced in the U.S., healthy Lymphatic circulation can be safely achieved using a proprietary mild EEF (Electrostatic Energy Field) Technology, plus relaxing, gentle massage to stimulate your body’s lymph nodes and support healthy function. Results are both visible and immediate.

If you’re tired of feeling run down, boost your immune system today. Call for a free consultation and see if Lymphatic Therapy can help you with your symptoms.

Lymphatic Massage Treatments

Using the LymphStar Pro Machine
60 Minute Treatment


90 Minute Treatment


Six (6) Sessions 60 Minutes Each


Six (6) Sessions 90 Minutes Each