In my skincare practice, I see a lot of dry lips. The constraints of mask-wearing have caused many of us to give up on lipstick. It’s bad enough to have chafed or chapped areas on our nose and lips – without having to wonder if we are wearing a lipstick mustache when we remove our mask.

Dry lips can also result from sun, wind, cold, and air conditioning exposure. If you have allergies or are congested, your lips will often dry up more quickly because you are breathing through your mouth.

Since our lips don’t have oil glands, they need to be hydrated with something soothing that will add moisture. Although Vaseline does provide a protective barrier, it doesn’t moisturize (and it’s a petroleum product), so I’m not a big fan.

When a client is in for a facial and her lips are dry, I do a little lip treatment using Sakura Silk (an enzyme that digests dead skin cells) – and then I apply Image Lip Enhancement to sort of seal it with a kiss, so to speak. Everyone is always amazed at how much better their lips look and feel.


Although it appears to be a trend for some, I am not a fan of using a toothbrush or scrub on sensitive, dry lips since this tends to irritate them. For those of you who are outdoors frequently, playing golf or tennis, boating, hiking, or swimming – TiZO SPF 45 Lip Protection is a great go-to.

TiZO uses mineral sunscreen ingredients to deliver a gentle, broad-spectrum SPF 45 protection in a moisturizing, glide-on balm. Its sheer and invisible tint banishes whiteness and can be used with any skin tone, alone, or under your favorite lip color. It contains NO chemical sunscreen filters, dyes, fragrances, gluten, lanolin, or preservatives.

And speaking of lip color, did you know that it’s estimated we eat about two tubes of lipstick a year? I’m thinking this is a darned good reason to pay attention to the ingredients in our lip products. I tend to go with mineral lipsticks since they don’t contain preservatives or fragrances. Seriously, who would knowingly put perfume on their lips?

Ormedic is one of my favorite lip products. They offer their Image Lip Enhancement in clear or sheer pink. This ultra-hydrating, polypeptide formula improves the visual volume of lip contours, while it instantly replenishes and hydrates to make the lips look naturally full.

Dry, sensitive lips will benefit from Holocuren’s Miracle Lips, This dynamic duo is the original corrective lip treatment for healthy, beautiful lips. Their patented formulations counteract the harmful effects of common wax lip products that contain bees wax and petrolatum which dry and suffocate lip cells, limit exfoliation, cause fine lines and wrinkles, stop penetration plus seal in unhealthy, damaged skin.

Miracle Lips penetrates deeply into the skin cells, delivering over 25 butters, vitamins, and enzymes that moisturize, exfoliate and naturally protect against common lip ailments. I’ve found that guys are big fans of the Holocuren “cure” since it provides great protection and moisture without being glossy.

All of these products are available here at Skin Essentials, so you can stop by to give them a try or book a facial and I’ll be sure to help you figure out exactly what you need. I’m sure you will be so happy with the results, you’ll be able to kiss your lip problems goodbye in no time at all!