Reviews & Testimonials

I’m a 33 year old woman that has struggled with a low self-esteem due to a condition I was born with. I was born with my two middle toes stuck together (webbed) on both feet. My parents never acted as if there was something wrong with my webbed toes, so I thought nothing of it being a child until I showed my second grade class my feet. The children began to call me “duck feet,” and other names. I remember the moment when I felt different from the other children and “weird.” The feelings of not being good enough went on well through my life. My parents took me to two different podiatrists, who told me that the procedure to split the toes was too complicated. They would have to take skin from another area on my body in order to sew the split, leaving heavy scarring. I became very self conscious of my feet, not wearing open toed shoes and constantly hiding my feet if in a situation where I had to take off my shoes. I actually believe the quality of life was impaired by making decisions around showing my feet.

My father used to tell me to use a pen to draw a line between my toes so it looked as if they were separated. It was not the same, I knew they were connected. I wouldn’t wear sandals, so I’d have to plan my outfits around my shoes. I would avoid pool parties, shoeless events. As I grew older, intimacy became a problem not wanting to expose my feet. My mother is a patient of Dr. Adam Lowenstein, Montecito Ca. I asked him one day about my feet, thinking that in 2009, there was some type of surgery that would be available. He reminded me that the recovery period from that type of surgery would be long and intense, so he suggested that I see Julie Phillips owner of Skin Essentials, Montecito Ca, to cosmetically tattoo a line between my toes. Being an adult and knowing that there are people that are far worse off than me, it was time to inquire about a more realistic option. I decided it was time to check it out. I made a consultation appointment with Julie, and was very happy when I left. She was very kind and understanding, as well as eager to do the job. I agreed and had the procedure done. It was painless and Julie made sure I was comfortable. I am writing this nine days later and they look great. They look like they are separated and they healed fast. I can’t wait to buy a pair of flip flops and wear them around town!

–Thank you Julie!

When Julie ran a Mother’s Day Special featuring her signature facial I decided to try it, even though I had never had a facial before. Wow! I am now officially hooked. I immediately saw the difference. I’ll be back!
Julie Padfield

I came to Julie at Skin Essentials after much research; seeking someone to do permanent makeup and having it done right. Her name came up so much I knew I was in the right place.
After having my eye brows and liner done I was amazed how much it changed my look and the ease of getting out of the house in a moments notice. It is a special moment now when I wake up and look in the mirror. It isn’t vanity, it is comforting. A little blush, gloss and voila.
Of course after starting a simple skin regimen of taking better care of my skin, I then took the next step. I began treating myself to lovely facials and peels, learning about all the wonderful serums and treatments and what is best for my skin. The results were humbling; my brown spots disappeared.
I took the final step and began having botox, juvederm and everything else Skin Essentials offered to get rid of the “tired/frowny” look and it worked wonders. My regular expressions are no longer misinterpreted. No more, “You look sick/tired/upset . . .”
All the information and expertise that Julie has shared have kept me on a long term regimen to have a more youthful appearance that keeps my skin healthy and has surely put off more invasive procedures.
I have received so many complements on my skin that I keep a stack of Julie’s business cards so all my friends can have what I do. Please see my before and after photos. I intentionally made some of the expressions to display what my furrows and lines expressed to others. I no longer convey that look. My photos are near the bottom of the before and after page. See before and after photos.

I am a walking advertisement. I love her seminars; she explains all that happens to our skin and just what we need to do to fight the

anti-aging process. It is worth it; just a consultation will provide you with so many options, even a timetable. Believe me and believe in yourself.”

A very happy lifetime client,

Debra Uyesaka

You can do a lot of things at home, but there is no substitute for a professional facial. Julie has been managing my Rosacea for several years. I am so thankful for her knowledge in this area!
Vicky MacGregor

I have had extensive skin damage from prednisone use. Julie introduced me to the Environ Body Kit and the results have been amazing! It has strengthened my skin and made me less likely to bruise so easily. Thank you Environ and Julie at Skin Essentials!
Barbara Smith

In August of this year, Julie was giving me a facial when she mentioned that a mole on my face looked somewhat “suspicious” under the magnifying glass. She suggested that I might want to call my dermatologist to have her check it out. The doctor took a biopsy and it came back as a possible melanoma. After two more opinions, and 3 more pathologist reports it was determined that it was a pre-melanoma and should be excised. I had a surgeon remove the mole and all margins have been declared clear. However, if it had not been for Julie’s observation, I would never have bothered with it which could have had serious results later on. I owe Julie a big thank you for her professionalism and her excellent observations.
Gloria V