As a young woman, people constantly commented on how beautiful my eyes were. It was such a
common occurrence I just took it for granted – you know – I had beautiful eyes – the operative word as I
got older was HAD.

I’m not sure when my peepers began to lose their appeal. You know, with kids, work – life in general –
it’s sometimes hard to remember when blinking your baby blues not only failed to elicit comments, but
failed to even register.

I’ve heard so often that women become invisible as they age. Why this can’t be true of body fat and not
how the world sees us, is a cruel irony. Hello world, why oh why do we become invisible at just the time
we have so much to offer?

Well, I can’t cure every social ill that affects us as we age, but I have to share something that made a
huge difference to both my self-esteem, and my eyes – and it was so simple.

I’ve been going to Skin Essentials for several years for facials, and have always loved how great my skin
looks after one of Julie’s treatments. It wasn’t until recently that I heard about permanent makeup. I
learned about it, but had no idea what was involved, what could be done, and what a difference it
would make.

When Julie mentioned permanent eyeliner, I still didn’t connect the dots and think about how this might
make a difference for me. Once Julie explained the process and reassured me that she could create a
natural looking tattoo that would line both my upper and lower eye area – I was sold.

Some people sort of balk at the prospect of having an area so sensitive tattooed. All I can say is, I didn’t
experience any discomfort. Prior to beginning the process, Julie used a numbing agent on my eyelids and
under eye area that worked like a charm. The only sensation I experienced was somewhat akin to a
tickle. And that was not constant, just every now and then as she added the pigment.

The process took a little over an hour. The moment I looked in the mirror, I could see a significant
difference. My eyes immediately looked more vibrant and blue. Who knew something so simple could
make such a difference?

That evening, and the next day, I put A & D ointment on the areas that had been tattooed. I also used
ice packs before going to bed that evening to help keep the swelling down. At its very worst, I looked
like I’d been crying, and that didn’t last. By the second day, as long as I kept putting the A & D ointment
on, I had absolutely no inkling (no pun intended) that my eyes had undergone any sort of “trauma”.
At about the six-week mark, Julie did a touch up, just to make sure the pigment was evenly distributed
and looking the way she wanted it to (did I mention she’s a perfectionist?) Again, there was virtually no
down time.

So, top and bottom line (yes, that pun was intended!) my permanent eyeliner has made a huge
difference. Not only are my eyes more defined, I don’t have to worry about applying eyeliner that
smudges or makes me look like a raccoon. And, yes, people do notice. What an easy, perfect way to
regain just a bit of the pizazz I thought was lost forever.