As a skin care specialist, there is only so much I can do to the skin if a client is not doing their part at home.

When addressing skin conditions, only a percentage of results are experienced in the treatment room. The rest consists of what clients are doing at home. Two of the most common conditions that clients come in for are acne and hyperpigmentation . With both of these conditions, using the right products is essential to obtaining the best possible result. One of the main causes of acne grades I and II,which are the milder forms of acne, is simply the use of the wrong products. There are many products that claim to be good for acne, but are often just to drying or irritating to the skin.

Where pigmentation is a concern, skin lighteners and broad spectrum sunblocks are the most important things a client should use at home. If sunblocks are not used as a regular part of the at home care regime, treatments by your skin care specialist are pointless.

From the point of view of the physician, using the proper at home care to prep the skin for laser or surgical procedures is very important in achieving the best the result. Topical antioxidants are recommended to patients  because they are beneficial to all skin types and they help strengthen the skin  by fighting off free radicals. Sunblocks are always a recommendation,  before and after these procedures because incision areas may become scarred if not properly protected from the sun.

With the hundreds of products on the market, you should rely on your skin care specialist to guide you on the at home care regime that is right for your skin. When you purchase an OTC (over the counter) product you are usually purchasing something designed to meet the needs of the most amount of people for the least amount of money. How much actual research and quality ingredients could be in a product that several different skin types could use? What could be more important than your skin and  your skin’s health. It affects your self image as well as the outcome of any in office skin care treatments as well as any surgical or laser treatments offered by your physician.

Work with your skin care specialist to set up the proper at home care routine for you. Ask for samples to try and if you are on a tight budget, skip at treatment to invest in the products you need to make your skin look and feel it’s very best.

Julie Phillips, Licensed Esthetician